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Admissions Process

The Court Liaisons will initiate a brief phone assessment to ensure you’re a candidate for residential or outpatient treatment.


Be ready to provide the Admissions Clinicians with all the following information so your admission readiness can be quickly assessed. Having this information will ensure we process your pre-assessment application in a timely manner:


a. Your full name.

b. Date of Birth

c. Social Security Number

d. Insurance Information (case/billing numbers if available, managed care plan-if enrolled)

e. Address-unless homeless

f. Legal History: probation/parole officer name and county, charges, active warrants, etc

g. Parental: Child Protective Services case/s and current activity

h. Brief health questions; current medications, history of illness, current illness

i. Phone numbers where we can reach you, email if available.

j. Drug use history, method of use, amount and whether IV user

k. Pregnancy

l. Mental Health History-if applicable


**Outside agencies providing referrals can call to check our bed availability at any time but should speak to an admissions clinician for the most up to date, accurate data.**


Once the preliminary information is gathered and cross-referenced an admissions clinician will be in touch with the client as soon as the department reviews the client data. An assessment date will be provided as well as the option for transportation arrangements.


If a client does not plan to use Focus, please call an admissions clinician and inform us of the decision.


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Release of Information Form

Preliminary Contact Sheet

Admissions Department


Allison Bittinger, CDCA

Admissions Manager

P: 740-352-3031

F: 740-480-2324

Stacie Owens, CDCA

Admissions Clinician/Transitional Housing Manager

P: 740-961-1299

F: 740-480-2324


Tequila Estep, CDCA

Admissions Clinician

P: 740-352-5617

F: 740-480-2324

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